When it comes to choosing a siding for your home, vinyl is everywhere. Vinyl siding is more durable and has the ability to withstand our extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the year, including freezing winters and hot summers, as well as high humidity and heavy precipitation. Its low maintenance requirements make it an attractive option for homeowners who want a long-lasting exterior finish without the need for frequent upkeep. All that said, here in Wisconsin, vinyl still takes a beating.

Vinyl siding loses its color faster than other types of siding, leaving homeowners feeling like they either have to live with it or make a big investment in new siding. But these aren’t your only options. You can recoat your vinyl siding and make it look new again.

“People just do not know we can rejuvenate vinyl siding,” says Dale Tomalin, franchise partner of Spray-Net. “Our coating system has proprietary technology that can make it look new but also stand up to the sun, weather, and is way more durable than conventional paints you get as a consumer.

“If you use a conventional paint, it just can’t keep up with the movement, expansion, and contraction that vinyl has through the seasons. Most paint will likely peel or blister. But Spray-Net guarantees ours for 15 years, so we can save you a lot of money over replacement but give you something just as long lasting.”

If you have been wanting a trendier color, there really is no easier and more cost-effective way to do it. Even if you are only remodeling one side of your house, for about one-third of the cost of replacing your siding, you can have the whole home looking like new. Then there are those times when something damages only one piece of siding; well now you have an option that will not leave your home looking like you slapped a band-aid on it.

“You can go to a siding supplier and look for a scrap that’s a similar pattern. If your vinyl is 30 years old, the likelihood of that style still existing is probably low, but it doesn’t matter. You can get a four-inch slat or whatever, and you can put it in. You can fix pockets from the lawnmower kicking up rocks and putting holes in it or your grill warping it by your screen porch because you didn’t realize vinyl siding would warp from your grill.”

You might want to paint your house for yourself, rejuvenating the love you have for your home, but in this seller’s market, investing in a fresh look can get the attention of a lot of potential buyers. Better yet, if you go with Spray-Net, you’ll be able to transfer the no-peel warranty to the new owner.

When it comes to upgrading the look of your home, painting is also oftentimes the most environmental choice. There are more water-based options than ever, low-VOC paints are now the norm, and investing in the most durable and long-lasting paints means less waste in the long run. Painting also means reusing material in and on you home that still have plenty of life left, reducing the strain placed on our landfills.

When it comes to choosing your siding, the downsides to vinyl are shrinking. Sure, there will always be personal preference and options that last a little longer, but not everyone can afford it. In this case, the low-budget option can be just as distinct as its competition. Dale says, “People are amazed at how efficient the transformation is. They cannot believe in around two days, the look of their home can just completely morph into something they did not think could happen with the existing siding.” If it is time to set a new tone for your home, do not turn your house into a construction site—make it a canvas.

Spray-Net is using science and technology to bring renovation solutions to homeowners that were not necessarily possible before. Our goal is to provide every homeowner with a renovation that increases property value and is practical, cost-effective, and makes them fall in love with their home all over again.


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