Waking up can be a tug-of-war between the fleeting comfort of lying in bed and the beckoning of a warm shower. For this homeowner, the war is over. With an updated look that utilizes natural and artificial light to give each morning its own elegance, not to mention an adjoining showroom-sized walk-in closet, morning never comes too soon.

“The homeowner really wanted a large walk-in closet to be the driving factor of the bathroom remodel, so we removed the original 45-degree angles to increase functional space,” says Kimberlin Payne, Dream Team senior designer of DreamHouse DreamKitchens. “It really feels like her own space and a place she can hang out, get dressed, be separated from everything else. The redesigned bathroom is now cohesive with the existing bedroom, creating a true ensuite.”

Since Kimberlin and her team didn’t remodel the bedroom, achieving an interconnection between bed and bath meant coordinating existing furniture pieces with the custom pieces she’d design. Modern black framing, from the 16-pane shower wall to the vanity mirrors, provides a clean outlining that sets the tone for expected and unexpected features. For example, where the shower faucet trim feels like an extension of the Modern aesthetic, the gold-accented cross-handle sink faucets offer a graceful transition to the homeowner’s personal style, pronounced in the crystal flush-mount light fixtures.

“We created many layers of lighting,” says Kimberlin. “The cans for that cleaning, high-task lighting; then we have sconces accenting the mirrors; and decorative flush mounts to anchor the different spaces. The ceiling feature between the vanity and closet was created as a way to handle a large expanse of drywall. We used trim to match the cabinetry, wallpaper, and a statement light to create a focal point from the bedroom.”

As each area of the bathroom is defined by its light fixtures, the whole space is tied together with high-contrast black and white colors. “We chose a slate-look tile for the floor and carried that up the shower walls. Then we transitioned those large tiles to an oversized penny round on the shower floor. That kept the black color scheme going, but provided the safety features and the extra texture of a mosaic tile in the wet areas.”

One of the more fun aspects of the design is how you interact with the space. A few features have intuitive, yet less conventional ways in which they are used. Consider the shower faucet, which has two sets of handles on top of each other so when they’re turned off, they create a vertical line. One set of handles is the traditional hot and cold, and the other diverts the water to any combination of the four showerheads (two rainfall and two handheld). The freestanding tub faucet, from the Kohler Occasion line, also comes with a unique look and is equipped with a handheld head.

Blending traditional motifs into a Modern setting results in something very contemporary. Though not the highlight of the project, the vanity itself is the place where all these ideas come together. It is also the only place where you will find natural wood being used, softening up the look. If the vanity were a stark white, the contrast would’ve been much harsher, entirely dismissing the spring and summer greenery from the bay window.

The vanity also hides minor conveniences. “On her side, the tall cabinet in the middle has stainless steel hair tool containers from Rev-A-Shelf. They are a place where she can store her hot tools and alleviate clutter. We also used the linen cabinet to really supplement their storage needs.”

Something every homeowner can appreciate in this remodel is how the homeowner’s personality and choices come through. Where some remodels might look like they were taken straight from a catalog, this one has parts advocated for by the homeowner. One example is the bathroom, which has a three-dimensional lattice design. Kimberlin says it is important for homeowners to remodel with themselves in mind, not for resale or the next person. “When you go into the room, it feels inviting and cozy.”

For private areas of the home, personality is really where homeowners should hang their towels. A master bath is just for them. So whenever the opportunity comes along to give a bathroom a facelift, make it something worth waking up for.

Kyle Jacobson is a writer living in Sun Prairie.

Photographs provided by DreamHouse DreamKitchens.

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